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Aprilaire 401 Replacement Filter

Where is the F300 model number ?
Order parts based on your model number. The F300 model number is located on the inside of the door.

Otherwise order parts based on the overall size of your cells. The F300 come in 5 sizes:
The smalest model has one cell 12½ x 20.
The two cell models are 16 x 20, 16 x 25, 20 x 20, 20 x 25 inch.

The difference between the F300E and F300A is the post-filter is not included with the F300A. The F300A has the postfilter slot and a postfilter only needs to be slid in. The F300B is a 240v version of the 12½ x 20 F300A..

The F300 is identical to the F50F but a different paint color.

Permatron manufactures the pre-filters for the brand name electronic air cleaners. Permatron also manufactures a premium line of electrostatic pre-filters and activated carbon filters. Permatron has engineered filter upgrades for the F300 and F50 utilizing the latest advancements in filtration technology.
Go to the Permatron website Permaton brochure describing the performance, specifications, cleaning, warranty (1.2M pdf, 4 pages)
Permaton Electrostatic Prefilter for the F300E1001, F300A1620, F50F1149 Permaton Electrostatic Prefilter for the F300E1019, F300A1625, F50F1073 Permaton Electrostatic Prefilter for the F300E1027, F300A2020, F50F1032 Permaton Electrostatic Prefilter for the F300E1035, F300A2025, F50F1065, F58F1000
Permatron Activated carbon filter for the F300E1001, F300A1620, F50F1149 Permatron Activated carbon filter for the F300E1019, F300A1625, F50F1073 Permatron Activated carbon filter for the F300E1027, F300A2020, F50F1032 Permatron Activated carbon filter for the F300E1035, F300A2025, F50F1065, F58F1000

Honeywell F3ooE F300A Owners and Installation  Manuals
Troubleshooting flowchart, assembly drawing, exploded view, parts list. Troubleshooting starts at page 20. (2.2M pdf, 44 pages) Operation, Cleaning, Warranty. (820k pdf, 20 pages)
Effective, Low Maintenance, Superior Performance, Three-Stage Filtration, Sizes (510k pdf, 2 Pages). Particles suspended in the air almost indefinitely (125k pdf, 1 Page).
Competitive Comparison of Carrier AIRA, Aprilaire 5000, Trion HE Series, Trane Perfect Fit (44k pdf 1 page) So whats the recommendation? Wash your electronic air cleaner cells about every 6 to 12 months (93k pdf, 1 page).
Features and performance of the Trane CleanEffects (or American Standard AccuClean) compared to the the Honeywell F300E (1M pdf, 4 pages). Honeywell EAC delivers impressive reliability and low failure rates (72k pdf 1 page).
Features and performance of the Aprilaire 5000 compared to the the Honeywell F300E (415k pdf, 4 pages). Indoor air quality is maintained in three ways, Reduction, Dilution, Source Control (3.6M pdf, 28 pages).

Simple Honeywell Power Supply test Procedure
Your problem is:
   The neon indicator light is not coming on
   The cells never spark
   Power box switch is ON
   Door is tight in place
   Blower is ON
  1. Verify Power is Present.
    Unplug the power box cord and operate a drop-light in the 3-prong receptacle verifying an acceptable voltage and current.
  2. Check for Shorted Cells
    A shorted cell can prevent the indicator light from coming on. Remove both cells, with door back in place operate without cells. If the unit now appears OK with indicator light ON, then the cells have a problem.
    1. Operate without cells
    2. Check cells for broken wires
    3. Check cells for bent plates
    4. Check with one cell at a time (align cell with contacts)
  3. Replace or Repair Power Box.
    If the power box is plugged in to 120v and the Neon indicator still does not light without the cells, then the problem is in the power box.
    1. Check the on/off switch, interlock door switch and wiring.
    2. Bypass the Air Flow Switch (AFS), The AFS is a sensor that signals the power supply when air flow is present. Disabling the AFS will simulate the ON state. Using a jumper wire, ground AFS resistor to the chassis, see AFS Tech Notes.
      • Replace Air Flow Switch, if the Neon indicator lights and unit appears to work with the AFS disabled.
      • Replace Power Supply, if the Neon indicator does not light with the AFS disabled and no cells to short the output.
      • Neon problem, is not likely if test button does not spark. The neon lamp voltage should measure 125 vdc.

Photos showing the power box removal (423k pdf, 2 pages).

F300E  F300A Part Number List
Description F300A2012
12½ x 20
16 x 20
16 x 25
20 x 20
20 x 25
Access Door 32007528-002 32007528-003 32007528-003 32007528-002 32007528-002
Test Button 137980A 137980A 137980A 137980A 137980A
Electronic Cell FC37A1064 FC37A1114 FC37A1130 FC37A1049 FC37A1064
Cell Handle 137266 137266 137266 137266 137266
Prefilter 203369 209989 203368 203370 203369
Cell Key 136518 136518 136518 136518 136518
Power Box 208419D 208418J 208417S 208418H 208417R
Switch 203321 203321 203321 203321 203321
Power Supply 208045G 208045J 208045G 208045G 208045G
Interlock Switch 4074ETG 4074ETG 4074ETG 4074ETG 4074ETG
Power Box Cover NLA 32004930-002 32004930-001 32004930-002 32004930-001
Terminal Board Front 203329D 203329B 203329B 203329C 203329B
Terminal Board Rear NA 203329A 203329A 203329A 203329A
Hole Plug 203847 203847 203847 203847 203847
Neon Lamp 4074EYS 4074EYS 4074EYS 4074EYS 4074EYS
Airflow Switch 4074ETJ 4074EZB 4074EZB 4074EZB 4074EZB
Post-Filter 50000293-004 50000293-001 50000293-002 50000293-003 50000293-004
Cell Repair Kit 4074EHG 4074EHG 4074EHG 4074EHG 4074EHG
Ionizer Wire 136434AA 136434BA 136434BA 136434AA 136434AA
240v Conv Transformer NA 203365A 203365A 203365A 203365A
Remote Indicator W8600F W8600F W8600F W8600F W8600F
Hi-Voltage Wire
Red & Black

The Honeywell warranty for F300 replacement parts is 2 years.  Our customers simply need to ship us the defective part.  We test and confirm defective.  We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.
Power supply warranty on page 7 of the power supply installation instructions (150k pdf, 8 pages).



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